Natural fibers


Substrate made of natural fibers

Our natural fiber nonwoven is ideally suited as a substrate for growing cress and microgreens in a sustainable way. Consisting of 100% hemp fiber, it offers decisive advantages as a substrate:

  • high water absorption and water retention capacity

  • best rooting and good air circulation due to loose fiber structure

  • fixation of the seed due to optimal surface structure of the hemp mat

We make it easier for you to handle our nonwovens for agricultural uses by prefabricating them in mats or standard tray sizes or in dimensions according to customer requirements.


Microgreens are the simplest natural form of a plant. The young, edible seedlings of numerous species of vegetables and herbs offer a high vitamin and nutrient content and a great variety of flavors. By harvesting it at the two-leaf stage this superfood enriches the most diverse dishes and contributes to a healthy diet.

The cultivation on our hemp pads succeeds everywhere. It is space saving and sustainable and can be used in large-scale vegetable production, in a vertical farming container or in a home garden.

“Natural fibers – for sustainable gardening and healthy living. For a life in harmony with nature.”


Our natural product has been successfully used in vegetable growing for many years. Regular control and certification permanently ensures the quality of our hemp mats:

  • 100% natural hemp fibers from renewable raw materials of the EU

  • additive-free

  • FiBL listed: Approval for organic horticulture/organic cultivation in Germany

  • fully compostable / biodegradable

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